A Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Flags

Flags are more than a piece of fabric on a pole. They are cherished by patriots and can be a source of great pride for some people. But there are a whole lot of things we often ignore about flags – things that are as important as the value of the flag itself.

  1. You actually can study flags

Yes, the study of flags and emblems is referred to as Vexillology. Flags do change. Different flags have different codes with different meanings. Sometimes it takes an expert to decipher the meaning.

  1. Just three national flags differ on the front and reverse side

It is near-universal for the flags of the world to show the same colors and emblems on both sides. However, national flags of the three countries go against this unwritten code:

Moldova – the coat of arms is only displayed on the front face

Paraguay – the treasury seal is only displayed on the reverse side

Saudi Arabia – one side displays a sword while the other displays a wording in Arabic.

  1. You are allowed to burn the American flag

Unlike some countries where flag burning is an unthinkable offense, section 176(k) of the United States Flag Code permits you to burn the flag if you consider it unfit for public display.